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My name is Jennie Friedman and I’m all about See in ADHD. I coach, run workshops, speak to groups, have a podcast and am finishing a book all by the same name. Please contact me if you have any questions about coaching or would like to be on my show. I’d love to meet you.


As an ADHD Coach, I help people understand this condition and how to use this knowledge to empower themselves. Because ADHD presents so differently in everyone means you experience challenges, which are unique to you. How to overcome your obstacles is possible but it requires an individualized approach. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.


“My family has wrestled with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and schizophrenia for generations. Growing up with my entire tribe affected sparked in me the drive to educate others how to embrace our differences so we can just focus on the most important business of loving one another.”


Contact me today and let’s talk about your unique circumstances. Maybe now is a good time to begin the coaching process. You won’t know until we talk about it, and scheduling a complimentary consultation with me is simple.


“Jennie has the best quality you can have in a coach – the ability to listen. She doesn’t spend a whole session telling you what you should do. She listens to you and ASKS YOU questions. And then after you say you can do something, she holds you accountable to do it! That was a great motivator for me, and I usually accomplished my project. And if I didn’t, she didn’t consider that a failure, she just realized that I needed a different approach. But we got to solutions faster because she would listen to me and could tell what would or wouldn’t work for me, so we could get straight to the things that I would be willing to stick with to bring about the results I wanted. Jennie is an A+, number 1 coach. Plus she’s fun and nice!”
Jane Tolman

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Jennie Friedman, ACG
Twitter: @SeeinADHD








  1. From joining Jennie’s membership group, Reach Further, I have benefited greatly. I believe it was a significant help in my academics. When I first began my first semester at my new school I was freaking out to the point where my stress triggered panic attacks. But being part of a group were everyone understands my struggles and the different minds coming together with solutions to my problems that I would have never thought of was very beneficial. Even more so, the weekly Zoom meetings where a great help because I felt like it aided me in staying on track with my weekly tasks. – Carina Taveras

  2. I’ve been listening to your podcast “see in adhd” and heard a lot being mentioned about coaches. I live in the Raleigh, NC area and feel a coach would really help me. I have been to multiple therapist in the past and through my experience found only one who really took the time to talk to me and really helped me. After searching on the web I’m completely overwhelmed and have no idea what I should really looking for. Is ther something particular I should be looking for or something I should look for to avoid? I truly feel my life has been a constant roller coaster and I’m desperate to find a balance and a way to be able to live as structured a life as possible. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Jennie Friedman is a compassionate and caring coach. She devotes herself to giving the best help she can to tremendous results. She is generous and kindhearted. Her professional skills and knowledge pair with her sweet spirit to make her the perfect ADHD life coach. She uses proven techniques to help you finally meet goals. It is truly a pleasure and honor to work with her. ~ Karen Delinski

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