Your Money, Your ADHD

Your Money, Your ADHD

Wouldn’t you love to have an honest conversation about your money and finances with someone who really “gets” ADHD? Now you can, listen in.


Mike Testa is the ADD Advisor. He’s a CFP, CPA, and ADHD Coach. I asked him to come on the show and get us in the ready for tax season, which is ‘Now’ for many people, but ‘Not Now’ if you have ADHD.

Mike’s Awesome Quote:

Your Money, Your ADHD“Much of what I do is intentionally
designed to work around that
to get to the heart of the ADD brain.”


Your Money Management

Mike shares some solid advice about getting ready for the tax filing deadline, managing your money, and creating an awareness around money in general in order to better meet your personal financial goals. All through an ADHD-friendly perspective!


I have to tell you that Mike is one of the most friendly and down to Earth people you’ll ever meet. I highly recommend him should you find you need financial planning services. You can contact him directly at

~ Jennie



Your Money



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  1. Yeah it’s about time. This is an relative untapped area and I would guess if people have financial issues that they get themselves into and out of and the. Back into again, ADHD might be the smoking gun.

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