Your ADHD Child

5 Action Steps to Help Your ADHD Child

Sometimes you may not be exactly sure how to best help your ADHD child with their schooling. Seth Perler gives us 5 specific action steps to take.
Seth is an Executive Function Coach based in Santa Monica, CA who specializes in helping struggling students navigate a baffling educational landscape.
He sees ADHD as an Executive Function issue that interferes with a student’s ability to be successful in school and sometimes in life.
Seth’s Awesome Quote:

Your ADHD Child
“I want them to do whatever it takes in
order to launch a successful adulthood.”



Your ADHD Child

Seth details with us today, 5 action steps you can take to help your ADHD child before the end of the school year:

  1. Go to and give the email where you want him to send his video series filled with valuable information you don’t hear everywhere, it’s his FREE gift to you!
  2. Craft an email, an advocacy letter, to ALL of your child’s teachers and relevant people.
  3.  Scour through the teachers’ web pages and syllabi and PEP (papers, exams, projects)
  4. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your child.
  5. Reorganize everything!

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“I help struggling students navigate
a baffling educational landscape
so they can have a great future.”

Education Coach, Consultant, Advocate
Specialize in Executive Function & 2E
M.Ed. Gifted Education

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