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Don’t Tell Someone With ADHD What to Do


Are you curious why telling someone with ADHD what to do, doesn’t work?
Meet the compassionate genius behind the website and podcast Generosity Philosophy and creator of George the Generous Giraffe.
Kim Trumbo shares with us her interests, frustrations, and other “works in progress”.
She also gives us a peek into her world where understanding why she does the things she does, in the way she does them, has been an on-going process for her and her family.
Kim’s Awesome Quote:

“The person without ADHD feels let down when their friend or spouse
doesn’t remember to do something they promised or told them they
would do…but really it’s just that we need that little extra reminder.”



Don’t Tell Them What To Do

Figuring out how to more effectively communicate with your spouse, when one has ADHD and the other doesn’t, requires patience and time.
One example, among Kim’s many engaging stories, helps us see how even after being repeatedly told what to do to keep track of her keys. It wasn’t until she felt a resonnance with others in the ADHD community that she was able to finally devise her own unique system. One that, ironically, wasn’t much different than the original spouse-suggested one.
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~ Jennie




  1. Is there any way that I can receive episodes in some sort of text form? It would be awesome to be able to give my grandmother something to try and understand the way I work. This is a great episode to do just that around 14 minutes in!

    1. Hi Haven,
      I’m so glad it hit home for you but I don’t have a transcript service.
      I think you may be able to find one that would do it though if you look online.

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