ADHD and an Unusual But Not Unheard Of Style

ADHD And An Unusual But Not Unheard Of Style

Who has ADHD and an unusual but not unheard of style? Join me in welcoming Bill Ulsh and find out just what his style is for yourself!


On this episode, Bill shares his thoughts about his early diagnosis of hyperkinetic disorder as well as his go-to strategy to get away with verbal processing in public.

He also details his artistic endeavors including his newly released (as of tomorrow) Merry Mutant Melvin on
Bill’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD and an Unusual "But-Not-Unheard-Of" Style
“Use adversity to your
advantage…I did that.”



Unusual But Not Unheard Of Style

Meet Bill Ulsh – a Keyboard / Vocalist from a small town in North West Ohio with ADHD and an “unusual-but-not-unheard-of” style.


“At age 14 I learned to play by tuning a guitar to a piano, I “reverse-engineered” the concept and was successfully able to convert guitar tablature to keyboards which explains my unique playing style. I was in a few garage bands on and off up until 2008. In July of 2009 I’d finally gotten my own laptop and installed the recording program that came with my keyboard.
When I’m not busy rocking out, I usually spend my time cooking or working on my graphic novel.”

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