Undiagnosed ADHD

Are You Undiagnosed ADHD?

Undiagnosed ADHD is a serious matter. They estimate that 85% of adults who have it, do not know it. Reaching out to these individuals isn’t an easy task. First off, it’s hard to get the attention of an audience who is unaware they have the condition.
In addition, you need a compelling story to get people to pay attention to. Finally, you need the financial backing to make a great film.
In this episode, Wes Gray shares with us, how he came to discover his own ADHD and how he’s going about helping others discover if they too, may be like him, someone who doesn’t find out until adulthood that they have ADHD.
Listen in, as he and I discuss the details of his diagnosis and the calling that inspires him to creating this documentary about his life.
He knows that no one is their ADHD, but after experiencing an ignorant remark from a former employer, and feeling the shame intended, he also knows that educating everyone is where to start to make it better. Raising awareness of undiagnosed ADHD is tantamount.

Wes’ Awesome Quote:

Are You Your ADD?
“Undiagnosed ADHD is
the worse disability.”



Undiagnosed ADHD

Wes was one of the 85% until finally, at age 53, a doctor did confirm what others had been hinting at for years; although, sometimes these hints were more like sneery questions in a disdainful tone, such as “Are you A.D.D.?”
And as it turns out, yes, Wes Gray has severe ADHD, inattentive type. And, now you know how his documentary got it name.

“This film is an autobiographical documentary about my life and what it was like to go undiagnosed with severe ADHD for fifty-three years. It covers my struggles with common ADHD symptoms throughout school, work and relationships. It’s going to be a candid look into the devastating results of going untreated for so long.
My hope is it will serve as a wake up call to those who have not been diagnosed, as well as for the skeptics who don’t believe ADHD is serious (or for that matter even real). After watching this film I believe they will have a hard time defending that position. ~ Wes Gray”

I hope you will give what you can to support this cause because this is a film that needs to get out there.
Please check out Wes’ campaign at Heart Productions You can also reach him on Facebook.
~ Jennie

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