Undiagnosed ADHD Child

The Undiagnosed ADHD Child: Reflections From Forty Years Later


Mark Williams was the undiagnosed ADHD child growing up. He didn’t really believe he was “thick and stupid” as he was called. But his anxiety and dyslexia looked like emotional and learning problems making childhood difficult. School and later, employment, didn’t come easy. Fortunately, he eventually married the love of his life and together they had a baby. But what came next was anything but “happily ever after”.
His wife suffered postpartum depression after a difficult childbirth. And soon, Mark too, plunged into despair. Finally, after seeing many doctors, at age 41, he did get a diagnosis of ADHD. With treatment came a new outlook on life and a new passion to help others who suffer just as he did.
Mark’s Awesome Quote:

Undiagnosed ADHD Child“My story starts from in school when
I was told I was thick and stupid.”


The Undiagnosed ADHD Child

What happens when you were the undiagnosed ADHD child? In Mark’s case, he’s decided to help other’s like him. His efforts include helping create International Father’s Mental Health Day in the UK. It’s focus is to help raise awareness on men’s mental health, specifically father’s issues.
All dads suffer a special mix of stress because of the interrelationships that come with family. But when their biological make up includes any disease or disorder, that compounds the stress. As awareness and access to mental health services increases, the potential for successful outcomes like Mark’s aren’t just possible, they’re probable. And after all, our dads and families deserve that!
Mark Williams does all he can to focus on fathers’ mental health issues. He even created Father’s Reaching Out, when he saw first hand, the need for support for men who experience postpartum depression. He explains it’s like giving permission to open up as a father. Please be sure to check out his website, Reaching Out, below or Tweet him!
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