Understanding ADHD Better & Other ADHD Mumbo Jumbo

Meet the compassionate genius behind the website and podcast Generosity Philosophy and creator of George the Generous Giraffe, available NOW on Kindle and Amazon:

On the See in ADHD talk radio show, author and philanthropist, Kim Trumbo, shares with us her interests, frustrations, and other “works in progress”. She also gives us a peek into her world where understanding why she does the things she does, in the way she does them, has been an on-going process for her and her family.

Figuring out how to more effectively communicate with your spouse, when one has ADHD and the other doesn’t, requires patience and time. One example among her many engaging stories helps us see how even after being repeatedly told what to do to keep track of her keys, it wasn’t until she felt a resonnance with others in the ADHD community that she was able to finally devise her own unique system … one that, ironically, wasn’t much different than that original spouse-suggested one.

As for what we can expect from Kim next, well…one can never be entirely certain, but it seems like it’s going to rhyme with gumbo!

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