How to Tune In to Your Own ADHD

How to Tune In to Your Own ADHD

Have you noticed most blogs are just lists, like 3 Ways to Do This and 5 More Ways to Do That? This is an episode about a different sort of blog but if you scroll down I’ve listed 4 techniques my guest today uses to calm himself down when he gets angry. Listen in as he shares with us how to tune in to your own ADHD above (almost) all else.
Andrew Wilcox began blogging as a way to earn a little money on the side of his regular job, after all, he was pretty good at writing. Then he discovered that blogging is one thing and monetizing it is a whole other. So, he decided to just do it for himself and to this day has no advertisements or banner ads on his site.
I encourage you to check it out, I’ve been following him for about a year: Eat. Live. Dream. ADD. Thoughts From Inside My Skull
Andrew’s Awesome Quote:

How to Tune In to Your Own ADHD
“I’m an expert on my
ADHD. No one knows my
ADHD better than I do.”


Tune In to Your Own ADHD

According to Andrew, blogging has enabled him to get outside of himself. It’s offered him a sort of third party perspective, when at times, he’s gone back to edit or repost an older entry. He shares with us what he’s learned looking at his thoughts more objectively, about himself and about his ADHD.
As he explains it, by journaling or blogging, just getting your thoughts on paper, helps you tune in to your own ADHD and that is extremely helpful.
As a bonus, here are 4 techniques that Andrew uses to help him calm down when angry:
1) Breathe
2) Count to 10
3) Punch a pillow
4) Talk calmly
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