Treated Versus Untreated ADHD

Treated Versus Untreated ADHD, See the Difference

Day 7…and we’re talking about how ADHD medication can help you see the difference between treated versus untreated ADHD.
Kristen joins me today to share her journey of self discovery and she has yet to go through the complete diagnosis process.
In this episode, listen to how positively she has responded to ADHD medication and how much she sees the difference its made in her home and work life.
Kristen’s Awesome Quote:

“With the medication I’m definitely more able to be
in the moment with my kids and enjoy time with them.”



Treated Versus Untreated ADHD

Kristen describes her struggles in school when she was young. It was difficult to focus and retain what she read.
As an undiagnosed, untreated adult, similar problems continued in her work life. Perhaps, even costing her a promotion!
Now, since she’s sought treatment, she’s happy to report that after a trial run, her employer was proven wrong, she is competently handling her new responsibilities that are a part of her new position.
She also sees the difference when she spends time with her family.
As a final thought, Kristen encourages anyone who suspects they may have ADHD to go and find out. Just knowing and treatment have changed her life for the better.
~ Jennie



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