ADHD Thinking Outside the Box

ADHD Thinking Outside the Box

Sherri Dolheimer likes to have fun. She also loves thinking outside the box and helping others as they do the same; she has a heart of gold. That makes her job a good fit because she’s an ADHD Coach. According to Sherri, fun is key, and thinking outside the box comes naturally to her and others with ADHD because, “we’re people who don’t like to be boxed in.”

In our time together we talk about the different ideas people have about what coaching is and just how people with ADHD can benefit from using one. She understands how sometimes people just need to be listened to. Sherri grew up legally blind, which had its own challenges but her humor and warmth have helped create a coach who sees the potential in others when they sometimes cannot see it in themselves.

Sherri’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Thinking Outside the Box“If it brings out your shiny, go for it!”



Thinking Outside the Box

Sharri tells stories of her diagnosis, the path that led her to coaching, and gives a shout out to her favorite therapist, Ellis Berkowitz. She also helped co-author 365 Ways to Suceed with ADHD, and credits our alma mater, ADDCA, with founder David Giwerc, for helping her appreciate just how her thinking outside the box is one of her greatest strengths.

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ADHD Thinking Outside the Box


  1. Hi Jennie, this is Ellis Berkowitz, Shari Dolheimer’s therapist. I loved the Podcast. Just dropping a thought but if you ever do a show about ADHD I am available. I’ve done radio and TV interviews over the years including workshops and presentations on a variety of topics related to ADHD.
    Keep up the good work, education is powerful.
    Be well

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