ADHD Coaching & How You Think

ADHD Coaching & How You Think

Thinking about how you think and paying attention to what you are paying attention to are just two of the tactics that ADHD Coach, Lynne Edris, and I talk about during our time together.
Lynne has been coaching for a decade now and she shares her insights into an industry, which is often misunderstood, about a condition, which has been, at times, equally as misunderstood.
The bottom line for her is that it’s the most rewarding way she could spend her time. Witnessing the sense of hope that grows from acceptance and feeling heard and understood, is what fuels her passion, as she primarily works with clients from professional fields like education, medicine, and law.
Lynne’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Coaching & How You Think
“Life’s not about just
crossing stuff off
some to-do list.”


How You Think

Lynne and I talk about a lot of aspects to coaching including how some people find themselves stuck and don’t realize that they even can change the way they think or feel about a situation. How you think isn’t as much about controlling your thoughts as they are directing them.
Listen in, as she shares her experience of transitioning from successful business woman to a stay-at-home mom and what were some of the challenges she overcame. After talking with Lynne, I feel like she and I share a lot of the same perspectives on challenges that ADHD can bring to how you think. I bet you walk away with food for thought!
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