See in ADHD talk radio

The See in ADHD Family

My podcast, See in ADHD talk radio, isn’t about just finding new people to explore the topic of ADHD with. It’s more than that, it’s about creating community, a family, the See in ADHD family.

Occasionally, people ask me, which is the best episode to listen to? But like family, to me, they are like my babies, I love them all.

Sure, there may be a topic that is best suited for an individual to listen to at any given time due to their unique circumstances, but overall, if you listen to every episode, you begin to feel the familiarity. You begin to feel the family.

And so this week I’ve brought back a guest who has shared her journey with us through a few episodes. Be sure to hear about her experience of being diagnosed with Vertical Heterophoria!  She’s become a dear friend to me, Rene Brooks. I asked her to come and give us an update on how she is doing and what she’s up to now. We reflect back on the past year we’ve known each other.

Many of you have asked about Rene, so enjoy this episode, and be sure to check out all of them on iTunes where you can subscribe, rate and review the show!

You can also check out her blog, Black Girl, Lost Keys.


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