No, You’re Not Alone…So, Know You’re Not Alone

Have you been feeling like your ADHD may be getting in the way of having real success in your life, in your relationships, or maybe your career?

Some symptoms of ADHD can be problematic: inattention, lack of motivation to do things the way you’re “supposed” to; yet, at the same time, having too much energy, which sometimes gets focused on doing things that others consider “unimportant”. (Sometimes this is something you didn’t really even mean to start.) Maybe you’re just feeling down, hurt, or frustrated, and are unsure how to go about creating any real lasting change.

Or, maybe you’re finding that much of your time is sort of disappearing? You know, you start out the day with a mission or two in mind but by 2:00 or 3:00pm you look at the clock and realize you didn’t even begin either of those things but got sucked into something else? Maybe you feel like you’re always in some time warp but you don’t know how to change that. After all, you’re just being the way you are, you know, your usual self?

Far worse, have you been wishing sometimes that you were anyone else but your usual self?

These are just a few scenarios that play out everyday for many people with unmanaged ADHD. The great news though is that you are curious about how to help yourself (you came here, right?) and you’re resourceful, you found me, didn’t you? ADHD Coaching may be just what can help you begin to breakthrough your attention barriers.

Now’s the time to shoot me an email because I help adults with ADHD manage their symptoms to create personal and professional success with or without medication. You can be productive living and operating as your usual self, but better! Imagine becoming so mindful that each day your actions match your intentions and you get to live life on your terms, successfully.

Reach out now so we can discuss whether working together is the right solution for you.

(No worries, all consultations are complimentary, confidential, with no obligations)


Jennie Friedman

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