The ADHD Nerd Gives Away 29 Tips

The ADHD Nerd joins me today to discuss his 29 ADHD Ways to Prepare (and Survive) the Holidays.
Meet Ryan McRae, The ADHD Nerd.
He’s the creator of The ADHD NERD, a blog dedicated to helping people be more productive, successful and happy especially if they have ADHD. He is the author of Ordering the Chaos, a book dedicated to helping people be more productive and getting all of their projects and to-do lists done. He’s also an Apple fanatic, voracious reader and lover of things pumpkin flavored.
As a popular blogger, Ryan loves to give away the tips and tricks he lives by. Plus he’s a writer and has a book he’s giving away to my listeners (click below):
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You can find a collection of Ryan’s books:
Ryan’s Awesome Quote:

The ADHD Nerd
“I need people to move to acceptance that
they can park far away and not hunt for the
close parking spot, and book that as exercise.”


Ryan shares how he came to become the ADHD Nerd.
His story is not so unlike many other people who share the story of growing up undiagnosed.
And life post diagnosis has been an eye-opener.
So, he’s taken to writing about his strategies and sharing them on his website, check him out:
The ADHD Nerd

“I wasn’t going to let ADHD continue to run me down. I was going to figure out how to take all the benefits and cancel out all the drawbacks. You won’t agree with all these tactics. If you have an ADHD brain, it will yell that all of these ideas are stupid, and that you could close this blog and go play Candy Crush. My challenge is to offer them anyway, and see what floats your boat. What grabs your attention.”

And, what does Ryan love to do most?
Help people. People like him. People like you.
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~ Jennie


The ADHD Nerd:
The ADHD Nerd


One of Ryan’s Books:                           Ryan on Twitter:
The ADHD NerdThe ADHD Nerd










Ryan on GumRoad:
The ADHD Nerd

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