Team Habit


I’d be thrilled to have you on-board Team Habit. The community support is invaluable.
In the group you are surrounded by others who are invested in making changes in their life like you are.
It’s a one time payment of $100.00, you will be invoiced via Paypal, with payment due by March 1st.
You will also have the ability to earn back $50.00! By hitting your markers we set every week you can earn back $10.00 week!
I’d like to schedule a time we can talk for 10 – 20 minutes so I can best tailor your program to work with you, so let me know when we can schedule a call.
Where do you live? I’m in NY…so when I post times, I’m talking EST.
Our Monday night weekly meetings are at 8:00pm EST. We meet on Zoom, it’s like Skype but better.
If a holiday falls on a Monday, we meet the next night.
Team Habit will meet after the weekly Reach Furthur meeting, so if you are interested in joining that as well, let me know.
Details about Reach Furthur:
Other than the Monday meeting, there’s also other times you can meet with me.
Starting in January, Office Hours will be on Tuesday nights and Wednesday nights at 8:00pm EST.
Here are the benefits of Reach Furthur membership:
1) private access to each other and me in the secret FB group
2) access to Monday’s 7:00pm EST Motivation & Accountability group (you and me would meet earlier)
3) access to body double sessions (times vary each wk)
4) office hours (posted in the group)
5) 20% off all of my coaching rates
Check it out for yourself, your first month is on me, meaning February.
If you like it, then your first Paypal invoice of $29 will be sent to you on Mar 1.
If you decide not to stay, no worries, I’m sure you will have at least picked up some new and useful info.
Back to Team Habit!
First step is to add me as a Facebook friend so that I can add you to the secret group:
Second step:

Last step, let’s schedule that call. Email me at
PS There is no such thing as a dumb question, so ask away!