Teaching With ADHD in Mind

Teaching With ADHD in Mind, Artist + Teacher

Who is better at teaching folks with ADHD than someone who has it herself?
Aerie North began by teaching children but now successfully teaches art online to both, kids and adults. And, she’s teaching with ADHD in mind.
She encourages everyone, even her own children, to use their creativity, whether they feel artistic or not.
Aerie took her creativity and passion for art to begin her teaching career (after her first thought, a career in finance, didn’t pan out.)
Listen and enjoy, she’s quite a great story-teller too!
Aerie’s Awesome Quote:

Teaching With ADHDin Mind
“I gained the kids’ trust
immediately because
I let them be them.”


Teaching with ADHD

Aerie shares her story of education when she was growing up. It’s similar to many like her, always being told she wasn’t living up to her potential.
Her past informs how she treats the people she teaches now; she understands everyone learns differently and lets people be themselves.
Check out her short, yet, content rich classes on Skillshare. As she explains, they’re complex but creative and you will learn something.
She also always makes sure at least three of them are free.
Her newest one teaches Adobe Illustrator in a way that is extremely ADHD-friendly.
It’s not easy, but the way she teaches it, you will be able to create this!
Teaching With ADHD in Mind
Please be sure and visit her blog too. In fact, she’s inviting you to share your story!

“The purpose of this blog is to provide honest
commentary about mental health issues written
by people with mental health issues.”

And share your thoughts on her episode in the comments below.
~ Jennie


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Teaching With ADHD in Mind


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Teaching With ADHD in Mind



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