Talk About Talking

Talking About Talking…and ADHD…and Ukuleles

I could tell from her Facebook profile that she’s been involved with speaking, but would she do a show with me talking about talking and ADHD? I’ve been following Marie Angell on Facebook for a while and I know her to be clever and funny. So, I asked her and she said yes!
In this episode, Marie and I talk it out. We also discuss her past performances as a comedian, singer, and musician. She’s a natural born entertainer and, to top it all off, she’s also a writer working on a book. I can’t wait for it to come out!
Marie’s Awesome Quote:

“Just having something that connects you with
people … is important to our well being, but
also it’s a lot of fun … and can change your life!”

Talking About Talking

When I asked Marie to join me today, I told her we could just talk about talking, and she was totally hip. Being talkative is a trait often found in folks with ADHD.
Marie plans on taking advantage of her loquaciousness by becoming a professional speaker. The conundrum she’s in is that her ADHD interest is sparked by so many different things, it’s not easy to settle on a single niche market for whom to speak.
Listen as we explore potential options as well as what’s captured her attention now!
~ Jennie

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