Ranting About ADHD Ignorance When No One Is Listening

ADHD Ignorance

Ranting about ADHD ignorance when no one is listening is exactly what Andrea Bell does to blow off steam when dealing with her local school system.   Unfortunately, they are ill-informed about the condition and how best to help her child.   Listen, as she shares how her children are the ones who urged her […]

ADHD Solutions to Share

ADHD Solutions

FLASHBACK FRIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT We’ve hit 200,000 downloads! And…beginning March 13th, 2017 See in ADHD will air 3 x Week, M – W – F Be sure to check out my Reach Furthur Coaching Group where I’m spending a lot of my time helping others craft their own ADHD solutions. AND NOW … TODAY’S FLASHBACK FRIDAY EPISODE […]

ADHD And An Unusual But Not Unheard Of Style

ADHD and an Unusual But Not Unheard Of Style

Who has ADHD and an unusual but not unheard of style? Join me in welcoming Bill Ulsh and find out just what his style is for yourself!   On this episode, Bill shares his thoughts about his early diagnosis of hyperkinetic disorder as well as his go-to strategy to get away with verbal processing in public. […]

The Emotional Zest of ADHD

Emotional Zest of ADHD

Do you know about the emotional zest of ADHD? Join me in welcoming YouTuber Bryn Duane Travers to the show today and find out for yourself!   First of all, watch this remarkable video on YouTube So You Think You Know About ADHD?   Bryn Duane Travers joins me today to discuss his spoken word piece. […]

ADHA, The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Advantage

ADHA, The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Advantage

First of all, watch this remarkable video on YouTube ADHA, The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Advantage.   Corey Tyrone McKinney joins me today to discuss his spoken word piece on YouTube.   Especially relevant is this line of his that sums up his attitude best:   “Stop looking at it as a disorder and look at […]

How to ADHD Via Video

About How to ADHD

There are videos on everything these days … including How to ADHD via video.   Jessica McCabe joins me today to talk about her YouTube Channel.   I think her Twitter bio sums it up best:   “Building a toolbox of techniques for tackling ADHD. I’ll tweet about the latest research, tried techniques, and my […]

How to Live Life Best With ADHD

Live Life Best

Want to know how to live life best when you have ADHD? Jerry Arbs has a few thoughts to share about what has worked for him and what he recommends for you. In celebration of Memorial Day, I’m presenting a holiday encore presentation of one of my first episodes with Jerry Arbs. He is one […]

ADHD Adventurer in Real Life

ADHD Adventurer

FLASHBACK FRIDAY | ADHD Adventurer Have you heard of people with ADHD often referring to themselves as a Jack-of-All-Trades? Probably because they are usually interested in so many things…and how to do so many things…they end up with a broad knowledge base. So, that makes my guest today, a Jerry-of-All-Trades.   Jerry Arbs came on my […]