Combining Distraction with Love

Combining Distraction

Kelly Babcock lives as he writes, combining distraction with love in real life as well as his Psych Central columns, A Man of Distraction and Today I Love.   Listen, as we talk about his life, his work and his music.   He has two columns with Psych Central: A Man of Distraction and Today […]

The ADHD Nerd Gives Away 29 Tips

The ADHD Nerd joins me today to discuss his 29 ADHD Ways to Prepare (and Survive) the Holidays.   Meet Ryan McRae, The ADHD Nerd.   He’s the creator of The ADHD NERD, a blog dedicated to helping people be more productive, successful and happy especially if they have ADHD. He is the author of […]

Finding Open Road For Your ADHD Race Car Brain

ADHD Race Car Brain

Today, my guest and I discuss how finding open road for your ADHD race car brain is key to success. Geoff Pilkington is a Hollywood actor and previous guest. Check out his thoughts on ADHD. Tapping into his innate creativity, he contributes to Medium (see link below). In fact, he is quite a gifted writer…check […]

A Man of Distraction – ADHD Superhero with Pen in Hand

ADHD Superhero

Listen, as Kelly Babcock shares his story of ADHD diagnosis and how he came to be known as A Man of Distraction, an awesome ADHD Superhero name, don’t you think?   As a singer songwriter, writer of music and poetry, Kelly shares his creative talents with the world.   He also has two columns with […]

How it Feels Being Misunderstood with ADHD

Misunderstood with ADHD

ENCORE EPISODE Scott Latty knows how it feels being misunderstood with ADHD. He also knows that ADHD itself is misunderstood. He’s out to change that by producing a film that will help people connect with that pain.   Scott shares with me details about his life which, are pretty common for folks with ADHD. He […]

ADHD is Different For Women

ADHD is Different For Women

Sarah Castañeda is a journalist turned online marketer/blogger. But it wasn’t until her diagnosis, in 2013, when her writing and passion became one. Now she writes to inform and create awareness of ADHD, more specifically, how ADHD is different for women.   I encourage you to check her blog, Adulting with ADHD. You can also reach out […]