Introducing a Solution to ADHD Family Management

ADHD Family Management

Is there a single solution to ADHD family management? After all, the problems are vary and are complex. Listen today, as we discuss a new one, ‘I Got This’.   There’s a lot to organize within a family as well as for a parent or a child.   There’s school, work, activities, parties, vacations and of […]

How You Manage the ADHD Ability Gap

The ADHD Ability Gap

Here to explain the ADHD ability gap is Andrew Akre. Diagnosed in grade school, his experience offers him a unique view, which he uses to help his ADHD clients. As an ADHD Coach, he knows the difference between the pitfalls that come from unmanaged ADHD verses the successful outcomes that are possible through treatment.   […]

Managing Time Blindness in ADHD

time blindness

Time Blindness Time blindness is common for folks with ADHD. In another article, I’ve expanded on the idea of how many with ADHD operate within the time orientation of ‘Now’ versus ‘Not Now’. Poor time management, a common characteristic associated to ADHD, reflects this orientation. Think about it, how do you manage a process that […]

ADHD Time Perception / ‘Now’ and ‘Not Now’

time blindness

As standard operating procedure for many with ADHD, because of their unique time perception, rather than having an internal clock, which perceives the passing of time, time is experienced from two sorts of “time zones”, Now and Not Now. For instance, if something is not happening Now then it is happening Not Now and things that […]



ACTION ADHD A few neurotypical people will understand this concept, but for most people with ADHD, preparing to focus on something that HAS to get done is not only helpful but an activity that can serve as an actual part of the doing the-thing-I-have-to-do. I work best when I envision some grand big picture, so my […]

ADHD & Power

This month, I’m exploring the idea of power. I was thinking about one of the things I learned from my mentor coach, Jille Bartolome…that money, time, and energy are all forms of power. That’s a fascinating concept, isn’t it? We can all spend money, time, and energy. We can all save money, time, and energy. We […]

Balance Time

When you have ADHD, living in intention takes a little practice. Sometimes your attention gets hijacked and you can end up spending a lot of time doing something that you didn’t even set out to do in the first place. Part of living a balanced life is learning to do a little of this and […]