Technicolor Mindset: More Than Just a Podcast

Technicolor Mindset

Mindset (and ADHD) Coaches Jennie Friedman and Brett Thornhill are excited to announce their newest venture, Technicolor Mindset!   Technicolor Mindset has finally hit the airwaves on iTunes!   Brett’s Awesome Quote: “It covers executive function topics … procrastination and organization and working memory…but it’s so much more than just a podcast. ”         […]

The ADHD Nerd Gives Away 29 Tips

The ADHD Nerd joins me today to discuss his 29 ADHD Ways to Prepare (and Survive) the Holidays.   Meet Ryan McRae, The ADHD Nerd.   He’s the creator of The ADHD NERD, a blog dedicated to helping people be more productive, successful and happy especially if they have ADHD. He is the author of […]

ADHD Frameworks for Entrepreneurial Visionaries

ADHD Frameworks

Marina Darlow joins me today to talk about how she creates ADHD frameworks for entrepreneurial visionaries.   It’s her job to create systems and structures for creatives who maybe don’t find creating these things as fun and interesting as she does.   Her goal is to help entrepreneurs be able to use their time more […]

ADHD Strategies Can Make Life Better

ADHD Strategies

“ADHD strategies can make life better,” says Doug Puryear, author of Your Life Can Be Better Using Strategies for Adult ADD/ADHD.   Doug is a psychiatrist who diagnosed himself with ADHD at age 64.   He’s also a loving husband, father, and grandfather who loves to write. Be sure and check out his blog, ADDadultstrategies […]

4 Non-Medication Strategies For a Happier Life With ADHD

4 Non-Medication Strategies For a Happier Life With ADHD

Not everyone manages ADHD with medication. Here are 4 non-medication strategies for living a happier life with ADHD.   As a stay-at-home father who also works from home, Jordan didn’t have a lot of opportunities to connect with dads like him, so he created his Twitter page in hope of doing just that.   Jordan’s […]

How to ADHD Via Video

About How to ADHD

There are videos on everything these days … including How to ADHD via video.   Jessica McCabe joins me today to talk about her YouTube Channel.   I think her Twitter bio sums it up best:   “Building a toolbox of techniques for tackling ADHD. I’ll tweet about the latest research, tried techniques, and my […]