ADHD Revenge: Celebrating Chaos and Creativity

ADHD Revenge

Debby Edelstein describes the ultimate ADHD revenge, living life celebrating chaos and creativity while empowering others to just be themselves.   Since Debby lives in South Africa, she joins us via Zoom. We met in a Facebook group so secret, I dare not even mention it’s name. (Shhh!)   A self-described, “bad corporate employee”, she, like many entrepreneurs, hated the […]

Ranting About ADHD Ignorance When No One Is Listening

ADHD Ignorance

Ranting about ADHD ignorance when no one is listening is exactly what Andrea Bell does to blow off steam when dealing with her local school system.   Unfortunately, they are ill-informed about the condition and how best to help her child.   Listen, as she shares how her children are the ones who urged her […]

How it Feels Being Misunderstood with ADHD

Misunderstood with ADHD

ENCORE EPISODE Scott Latty knows how it feels being misunderstood with ADHD. He also knows that ADHD itself is misunderstood. He’s out to change that by producing a film that will help people connect with that pain.   Scott shares with me details about his life which, are pretty common for folks with ADHD. He […]

Stigma Around ADHD and Coexisting Conditions

Stigma Around ADHD and Coexisting Conditions

Charley Burt is successful, smart, funny, compassionate, and has ADHD and coexisting conditions, both mental and physical.   In our conversation we also touch on how familial suicide has impacted both of us, fueling our passion to share with others the struggles involved in all forms of illness.   We also talk about the horrors […]

ADHD Is A Diagnosis, If You Want To Be Correct

ADHD Is A Diagnosis

I’ve known Alison online for a while. In fact, she is the person who inspired me to write an article on ADHD as a label just a little over a year ago.   In this episode, she and I discuss more than just that. Alison’s passions include neuroscience and information. In fact, she tells me that most […]

Abundance of Energy or ADHD?

Abundance of Energy or ADHD?

My coaching business leads me down many paths. Not only do I get to help people reach their potential but I also meet other entrepreneurs who support me in various business, leadership, and podcasting groups. Many of whom have ADHD. And when they come on my show it’s so fun because we have a lot […]

Think About it, ADHD Isn’t a Label

ADHD not a label

ADHD Isn’t a Label I’ve talked about this before. To clarify, it isn’t a label, it’s a diagnosis. It means you have a naturally under aroused pre-frontal cortex. Our neurotransmitters are responsible for helping us to engage in activities, plan, organize, and follow through with things and is, therefore, affected. When you say it’s a […]

ADHD Mo – tiv – 8

Motivation, or rather, the lack of motivation, is a huge symptom of ADHD. Understanding why you can’t get into action can help. By taking the judgment out of the equation, you can tackle the issue productively (pun intended). So, rather than trying traditional tactics, like a pep talk, let’s talk about getting activated with ADHD. […]