ADHD Revenge

ADHD Revenge: Celebrating Chaos and Creativity

Debby Edelstein describes the ultimate ADHD revenge, living life celebrating chaos and creativity while empowering others to just be themselves.   Since Debby lives in South Africa, she joins us via Zoom. We met in a Facebook group so secret, …

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ADHD Acceptance Connection

How Acceptance of Your ADHD is Connected to Your Self-Esteem

She had tried listening to ADHD podcasts but all she heard was what was wrong with her. What she couldn’t do. What she wasn’t doing. What all she was doing was wrong and then that …

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Self-Talk Self-Check

Have you ever considered what makes someone your best friend? It may be something you haven’t thought a lot about since childhood. After all, as an adult, we often find ourselves in situations where we …

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