ADHD Motivation and Forgiveness

WHAT DO MOTIVATION & FORGIVENESS HAVE IN COMMON? A really fascinating fact:   Motivation and Forgiveness are two examples of neurological behaviors. Bet you didn’t know that.   Let’s break this down. MOTIVATION So, motivation is not a character trait, after all.   Although, it’s always seemed like it was to me. Either I am […]

Turning 50 On See In ADHD

Turning 50

What happens when you turn 50? If you’re Jennie, you just talk about it. Join Jennie and her friend Yvonne Nardone as they explore what it means to be fifty nowadays. ~ Jennie Click to view: show notes and transcript Source: See in ADHD

Living With ADHD Intensity

Not everyone with symptoms of ADHD identifies with the diagnosis. Sometimes they just identify with the symptoms.   Intensity is a definite trait used to describe many folks with ADHD. It’s also a good description of their levels of … well, just about everything.   Mood, affect, thinking, movement…   Aurora Remember joins Tom Nardone […]

Empowering Women Through Niceness & “No”

Empowering Women Through Niceness and No

“No, is a complete sentence,” according to this fierce woman who values empowering women through her niceness while teaching them to say NO!   I’m so excited for you to meet her and hear her for yourself. She’s a gifted storyteller and I’m thrilled she’s sharing what she’s learned about a myriad of subjects from embracing fear to […]

Celebrating Mother’s Day with SuperADDmom

Mother's Day with SuperADDMom

Mother’s Day guilt plagues many ADHD moms who already question if they are good enough. When reality is sometimes the laundry isn’t done and sometimes dinner is bologna sandwiches, how do we embrace this day of celebrating our Momminess?   ADHD and Ability Coach, Ril Giles, is SuperADDmom. Listen as she describes her experiences helping […]

ADHD Curiosity – It’s a Superpower

 From crochet to the Serial Podcast to wearing a jihab, hmm…husbands, ADHD… what didn’t we talk about? René Brooks-Guthridge began blogging about her interests…and they are many. Please check out her blog, Black Girl, Lost Keys and see for yourself! Curiosity is one of the primary driving forces behind taking action for someone with ADHD. […]