ADHD Freelancing and Fabulous


Laura Pennington, of Better Biz Academy, shares how the support of great people helped shape her future, leading her into successfully freelancing.   She begins by describing herself as a voracious reader when she was little.   But she was also the one who would do her homework but forget to take the folder to school.   […]

Why Do We Procrastinate?

ADHD Self-Improvement

Procrastinate much?   Today, we highlight the popular podcast Slacking Ambition hosted by Matt Wells.   His show explores why we procrastinate, which is one of the traits folks with ADHD struggle with most.   His is a tribe of “Slackers.”   Understand, however, he uses that as a term of almost endearment…you see, he’s the Head Slacker. […]

Living With ADHD Intensity

Not everyone with symptoms of ADHD identifies with the diagnosis. Sometimes they just identify with the symptoms.   Intensity is a definite trait used to describe many folks with ADHD. It’s also a good description of their levels of … well, just about everything.   Mood, affect, thinking, movement…   Aurora Remember joins Tom Nardone […]

Interests, Hobbies, Careers with ADHD

Interests, hobbies, careers, they aren’t always the same things when you have ADHD. Listen as Alex Hofeldt shares his challenge in finding his way to success.   It’s not easy to decide on a direction when your interests are many, your talents are unique, and the choice between passion and security seem to be totally opposite from […]

ADHD and Depression, The Struggle is Real

ADHD and Depression

Today we talk with blogger and podcaster, Tom Nardone, about depression. Yes, it is a thing. With ADHD and depression, the struggle is real.   Tom and his wife, Yvonne, are two incredibly awesome people.   Checkout their podcast, The Tom Nardone Show.   I’ve had them both on before, see episode 90.   And, in […]

Mindset, Self-Talk, and Storytelling

Mindset, Self-Talk

In this episode learn how mindset, self-talk, and storytelling collide to create an impact that can change YOUR life.   Louis Di Bianco is a wonderful storyteller. In fact, I’d say, the magic of his life’s stories parallel the magic of the movies. How apropos that he’s an actor!   He shares the story that […]

Q&A with Podcaster and ADHD Blogger, Tom Nardone

ADHD Blogger

ADHD blogger and podcaster, Tom Nardone, with his wife, Yvonne, are some of my favorite people. Checkout their podcast, The Tom Nardone Show.   I’ve had Tom and his wife on before, see episode 90.   And, in my 100th episode, he came on as my first guest. He’s responsible for the amazing opening soundtrack that […]

Love, Marriage & ADHD Awareness

Love, Marriage, and ADHD Awareness

Welcome to this Flashback Friday episode talking about marriage & ADHD Awareness. Please join me with Tom and Yvonne of The Tom Nardone Show podcast. Theirs is a marriage made in heaven and honestly, they are some of my favorite people.   In this episode, we talk about hair, bras, dieting, garbage, cleaning…I think Tom […]

Doubling Down on Your ADHD Strengths

Doubling Down

Jess Larsen joins me today to talk about how he’s found success by doubling down on his strengths rather focusing on improving his weaknesses.   Addicted to snowboarding, this devoted dad of 4, loves Mexican food and listening to audiobooks.   He’s also got his hand in a million different projects including Child Rescue, CEO […]

How to Achieve Success Regardless of Circumstance (Or ADHD)

Achieve Success Regardless

If ever there was a person who can say that you can achieve success regardless of circumstance, it’s Tanner Gers.   Diagnosed with ADHD in fourth grade, Tanner already had some challenges ahead of him, but at 21, he was in a life-altering car accident that left him blind, for now anyway. You can hear […]