Technicolor Mindset: More Than Just a Podcast

Technicolor Mindset

Mindset (and ADHD) Coaches Jennie Friedman and Brett Thornhill are excited to announce their newest venture, Technicolor Mindset!   Technicolor Mindset has finally hit the airwaves on iTunes!   Brett’s Awesome Quote: “It covers executive function topics … procrastination and organization and working memory…but it’s so much more than just a podcast. ”         […]

ADHD Shades of (Green) Gray

ADHD Shades

Discover how the Irish really celebrate St Patrick’s Day when Mark Moriarty, from Awesound, joins me to discuss the many ADHD shades of (green) gray.   Overall, we talk about everything from adoption to ADHD to producing a podcast.   Mark Moriarty, Awesound’s founder, in a surprise guest appearance, describes the traditions of Druids, Leprechauns, and […]

Body Doubling Helps with ADHD Procrastination

Body Doubling

Body doubling helps with ADHD procrastination. Just listen how on the The ADD Couple podcast with Brett Thornhill and myself.   It’s a tried and true technique we each use in coaching.   I’m sharing episode 45 today so you can hear for yourself how much info we cover We air new episodes twice a […]

See in ADHD’s Epic 100th Episode

Epic 100th Episode

Thank you for listening to the See in ADHD podcast. I’m Jennie Friedman and I invite you to join me in celebrating my epic 100th episode!   I wanted this episode to be for you…the people who listen to it, because it’s you, who makes the show possible.   You see, it’s not just the […]

Love, Marriage & ADHD Awareness

Love, Marriage, and ADHD Awareness

Welcome to this Flashback Friday episode talking about marriage & ADHD Awareness. Please join me with Tom and Yvonne of The Tom Nardone Show podcast. Theirs is a marriage made in heaven and honestly, they are some of my favorite people.   In this episode, we talk about hair, bras, dieting, garbage, cleaning…I think Tom […]

How Productive Avoidance Works

Productive Avoidance

How productive avoidance works is by considering how to make use of down time. It’s all a judgement call on your part; what should be done versus what will get done.   My partner in crime, Brett Thornhill, is my cohost on The ADD Couple. Check us out on iTunes!   He joins me in discussing […]

How ADHD Medication Helps Me: Don’t Make It Harder

How ADHD Medication Helps

Diagnosed with ADHD as a child, Sean Wallace knows of life with ADHD medication and life without it. With the prospect of going back to school, at 23, the awareness that he really needs the help motivated him to be re-diagnosed as an adult.   Surprise! On the proper dose, all of the reasons he […]

Abundance of Energy or ADHD?

Abundance of Energy or ADHD?

My coaching business leads me down many paths. Not only do I get to help people reach their potential but I also meet other entrepreneurs who support me in various business, leadership, and podcasting groups. Many of whom have ADHD. And when they come on my show it’s so fun because we have a lot […]

The See in ADHD Family

See in ADHD talk radio

My podcast, See in ADHD talk radio, isn’t about just finding new people to explore the topic of ADHD with. It’s more than that, it’s about creating community, a family, the See in ADHD family. Occasionally, people ask me, which is the best episode to listen to? But like family, to me, they are like […]

Interview with Kenneth Allen Morris

Kenneth Allen Morris enjoys interviewing entrepreneurs of all types on his Dumb Teacher Podcast. We spoke about some of the myths surrounding ADHD and how I got into ADHD coaching. For more episodes of Dumb Teacher, you can find Ken on Podomatic: