5 Things You’ll Never Understand About ADHD Unless You Have It

5 Things You’ll Never Understand About ADHD (Unless You Have It)

You’ll Never Understand Our friend Shawn has some things he’d like to explain to those of you who don’t have ADHD. But as he says, if you don’t have it, you’ll never understand. “So why …

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Technicolor Mindset

Technicolor Mindset: More Than Just a Podcast

Mindset (and ADHD) Coaches Jennie Friedman and Brett Thornhill are excited to announce their newest venture, Technicolor Mindset!   Technicolor Mindset has finally hit the airwaves on iTunes!   Brett’s Awesome Quote: “It covers executive function …

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ADHD Family Management

Introducing a Solution to ADHD Family Management

Is there a single solution to ADHD family management? After all, the problems are vary and are complex. Listen today, as we discuss a new one, ‘I Got This’.   There’s a lot to organize …

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ADHD Symptoms

Procrastination and Other ADHD Symptoms

ENCORE EPISODE Reuniting with friends this time of year is one of my favorite things to do. Today, listen as my high school friend and I talk about ADHD symptoms.   It’s one of my …

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ADHD Frameworks

ADHD Frameworks for Entrepreneurial Visionaries

Marina Darlow joins me today to talk about how she creates ADHD frameworks for entrepreneurial visionaries.   It’s her job to create systems and structures for creatives who maybe don’t find creating these things as …

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ADHD Info Gets Personal

Have you ever wanted to be just like everyone else? Then got to thinking, “Who am I, anyway?” So, you start to figure it out by getting some ADHD info and slowly digesting what you …

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Executive Functions and Organization in ADHD

What are Executive Functions? To help explain why someone with ADHD often struggles with organization, it is easiest to look to the construct of executive functions, developed by Dr. Thomas Brown of Smart but Stuck: …

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If You’re Wondering, “How Can I Help My Loved One with ADHD Stay on Track?” This May Help.

There are a lot of reasons that someone with ADHD may not be doing the things you think they should be doing or in the way you think they should be doing them. Now, if …

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