ADHD Motivation and Forgiveness

WHAT DO MOTIVATION & FORGIVENESS HAVE IN COMMON? A really fascinating fact:   Motivation and Forgiveness are two examples of neurological behaviors. Bet you didn’t know that.   Let’s break this down. MOTIVATION So, motivation is not a character trait, after all.   Although, it’s always seemed like it was to me. Either I am […]

Introducing a Solution to ADHD Family Management

ADHD Family Management

Is there a single solution to ADHD family management? After all, the problems are vary and are complex. Listen today, as we discuss a new one, ‘I Got This’.   There’s a lot to organize within a family as well as for a parent or a child.   There’s school, work, activities, parties, vacations and of […]

Motivation: Understanding Tarp Time and ADHD

Listen, today as Tim Tarpley, from Trident Sports Forth Worth, talks about how he helps with motivation and what works for him.   Long time listener, turned guest, Tim joins us from Texas!   His journey into understanding his own ADHD may hit home for many of you.   Especially, when he describes his feeling like a fake […]

Body Doubling Helps with ADHD Procrastination

Body Doubling

Body doubling helps with ADHD procrastination. Just listen how on the The ADD Couple podcast with Brett Thornhill and myself.   It’s a tried and true technique we each use in coaching.   I’m sharing episode 45 today so you can hear for yourself how much info we cover We air new episodes twice a […]

ADHD Gifts Versus Strengths

Join us, as Cristina Favreau and I discuss the the topic of ADHD gifts versus strengths.   We agree that moms who home school rock and that discovering what makes you awesome is the most empowering thing you can do.   She says it’s when she thinks about her unique combination of strengths is when she wants […]

The Game-changer: Sports and ADHD

The Game-changer: Sports

The game-changer: sports. My guest today: Tom Morgan. Listen in, as he shares insights on life with ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome, and Tourette Syndrome.   Tom begins with stories of his childhood, recounting how his family and school life was pretty rough. Due to the fact that no one understood him, they labeled him a naughty […]

Speaking About ADHD From Experience


My guest today is speaking about ADHD from experience. He and I had so much fun during our initial visit, we decided to just use it as the show! We talked about so many things, I don’t want to ruin it for you.   Listen in, as he and I create my first backwards-style interview, […]

ADHD Resiliency

ADHD Resiliency

Resiliency. There will always be opportunities to feel defeated. We all face them. But challenging times, when you feel the rug snatched out from under you, can also bring forth possibilities you never saw coming. Possibilities for greatness.   As a coach, I ask people all of the time, “What does that challenge look like to […]

ADHD Mo – tiv – 8

Motivation, or rather, the lack of motivation, is a huge symptom of ADHD. Understanding why you can’t get into action can help. By taking the judgment out of the equation, you can tackle the issue productively (pun intended). So, rather than trying traditional tactics, like a pep talk, let’s talk about getting activated with ADHD. […]


Cleaning is one of those activities that can utterly bring an otherwise motivated busy individual to a complete standstill. I become completely paralyzed when tasked with the demonic CHORE of cleaning my house and I know I cannot for the life of me defend that. It just is. In fact, cleaning sort of kills my […]