ADHD Revenge: Celebrating Chaos and Creativity

ADHD Revenge

Debby Edelstein describes the ultimate ADHD revenge, living life celebrating chaos and creativity while empowering others to just be themselves.   Since Debby lives in South Africa, she joins us via Zoom. We met in a Facebook group so secret, I dare not even mention it’s name. (Shhh!)   A self-described, “bad corporate employee”, she, like many entrepreneurs, hated the […]

ADHD Support Starts at Home

ADHD Support Starts

The best ADHD support starts at home. In this episode you’ll hear these wise words, and more, from a mom who has co-created with her husband a family strong.   Adrienne McLean is in business for herself as a trained presentations and marketing coach. Please check out her website, The Speakers Practice, below.   As […]

ADHD Isn’t Real

ADHD Isn't Real

Laura Stoker is no stranger to people who think ADHD isn’t real. You see, she used to be one of those people. But then she discovered differently and began sharing her story in hopes that others will know it is real and they’re not alone.   She’s written a book, blogs, and shares on Facebook, […]

Celebrating Mother’s Day with SuperADDmom

Mother's Day with SuperADDMom

Mother’s Day guilt plagues many ADHD moms who already question if they are good enough. When reality is sometimes the laundry isn’t done and sometimes dinner is bologna sandwiches, how do we embrace this day of celebrating our Momminess?   ADHD and Ability Coach, Ril Giles, is SuperADDmom. Listen as she describes her experiences helping […]

Parenting, ADHD & Parenting Abroad

Parenting & ADHD

What do parenting, ADHD & Parenting Abroad (the podcast) have in common? Jennifer Zoll Langkjaer. She’s learned through her life’s experiences what she likes and what she doesn’t, but recently, she’s discovered that when she involves herself in something she’s passionate about, life is more fun and her world is more wonderful. So, what’s her […]

A Mission Greater Than Yourself & Your ADHD

A Mission Greater Than Yourself & Your ADHD

When a mom advises to find “a mission greater than yourself,” it may seem she’s referring to motherhood. When Amber Elizabeth Jumper says it, she’s talking about motherhood and more!   Amber Elizabeth has found purpose in raising business and babies. (And, she didn’t think she could make a difference on such a large scale.) […]

Parenting & Positivity with ADHD


Liz Lewis has a lot to offer as a mentor…she’s a teacher, freelance writer, Mom, wife, has ADHD, and is busy creating a lifestyle brand for others like her!   Her message is one of positivity about being a parent, having ADHD, and shedding the stigma that she felt as a child having to go […]