A Man of Distraction and Perseverance to the Rescue!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! It’s A Man of Distraction (and perseverance) to the rescue! Who else acts before thinking ahead other than a superhero?   As a singer songwriter, writer of music and …

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Procrastination in ADHD, It’s Not Your Fault

Today, I’m sharing an article I wrote about procrastination because being a symptom of ADHD means it’s not your fault.   I also share 2 tips, so be sure and listen to episode 172 on iTunes.   …

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ADHD on a Budget

Inattention and impulsivity can be difficult characteristics to have when it comes to managing money. Many of my clients with ADHD have great financial difficulties but most are significantly helped by developing a Spending Plan. (Shh. …

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