How to Create a Calm Stress Free ADHD Family

Stress-Free ADHD Family

How to create a stress free ADHD family can seem elusive at times. Listen and learn how it’s possible.   But Madeleine Davis has created a system and structure so even the most chaotic homes can create calm.   Her goal is to help parents take control of the household and raise happy kids.   See below […]

ADHD Support Starts at Home

ADHD Support Starts

The best ADHD support starts at home. In this episode you’ll hear these wise words, and more, from a mom who has co-created with her husband a family strong.   Adrienne McLean is in business for herself as a trained presentations and marketing coach. Please check out her website, The Speakers Practice, below.   As […]

The See in ADHD Family

See in ADHD talk radio

My podcast, See in ADHD talk radio, isn’t about just finding new people to explore the topic of ADHD with. It’s more than that, it’s about creating community, a family, the See in ADHD family. Occasionally, people ask me, which is the best episode to listen to? But like family, to me, they are like […]

Shame, Me & ADHD

I wrote, The Shame of the Non-ADHD Child, for ADDitude magazine last month. Following is an excerpt. Please check it out in it’s entirety.   Growing up as a non-ADHD kid in a family with ADHD sounds like a challenge. It was, but not for the reasons you’d think. My dad had ADHD and bipolar disorder. Of […]

Non-ADHD Kid / ADHD Parent

A special thank you to Gina Pera, author and owner of ADHD Roller Coaster for allowing me to share my personal story on a perspective we don’t hear enough about in the world of ADHD. I am the daughter of an ADHD/non-ADHD parent combo. Here’s an excerpt from my article. Obviously, she wouldn’t have had to correct […]