ADHD Freelancing and Fabulous


Laura Pennington, of Better Biz Academy, shares how the support of great people helped shape her future, leading her into successfully freelancing.   She begins by describing herself as a voracious reader when she was little.   But she was also the one who would do her homework but forget to take the folder to school.   […]

5 Action Steps to Help Your ADHD Child

Your ADHD Child

Sometimes you may not be exactly sure how to best help your ADHD child with their schooling. Seth Perler gives us 5 specific action steps to take.   Seth is an Executive Function Coach based in Santa Monica, CA who specializes in helping struggling students navigate a baffling educational landscape.   He sees ADHD as […]

What To Do In Life: ADHD Careers

ADHD Careers

Listen, as my guest shares his wisdom, encouraging you to explore your options. Finding ADHD careers that are your perfect fit may not be as hard as you think.   David Mulford knows what it’s like to work random jobs.   He also knows what it’s like to follow your interests and find success.   David’s […]

ADHD Dropout to Doctorate, Learning How You Learn

Dropout to Doctorate, Learning How You Learn

Angela Baumbach joins me to talk about her journey from dropping out of high school to now obtaining her doctoral degree. The key she explains, is learning how you learn.   It’s because she figured that out that she now is able to help adults tap into their full potential in the workplace.   She […]

Making a Difference For Kids Who Learn Differently

It’s a fact, some kids who learn differently thrive in a special kind of school.   Listen in, as Cyndy, someone who was diagnosed with ADHD later in life, describes her journey of discovering a passion for education and successfully turning it into opportunities for the young ones in her community.   She had a […]

I Think Differently and It’s Not ADHD

Think Differently

Dawn Casey-Rowe will tell you she’s an idealist who went into teaching in order to change the world. She discovered instead, that teaching changed her.   In fact, she’s written a book about it, Don’t Sniff the Glue: A Teacher’s Misadventures in Education Reform. As she puts it, the book “is the humorous and heartwarming […]

ADHD Approach to Education

ADHD Approach to Education

David Mulford joins me today and it’s a blast from the past. You see, David and I went to Middle School together and only reconnected in adulthood through the miracle of Facebook.   David shares his personal educational path beginning with the nontraditional classes and curriculum we both enjoyed in the 80’s, in the progressive […]

ADHD & Your Version of Happiness

Your Version of Happiness

Daniel Eric Bowling. Upholsterer by trade. ADHD creative by nature. Inspiring happiness.   Daniel’s talent is building strong connections with everyday people and identifying useful tools from various industries in order to help others solve problems in unique ways. He’s an experienced tradesman and podcaster, and so has married his passions with the Smart Tradesman Podcast.   * Daniel’s Awesome Quote: […]