Why Do We Procrastinate?

ADHD Self-Improvement

Procrastinate much?   Today, we highlight the popular podcast Slacking Ambition hosted by Matt Wells.   His show explores why we procrastinate, which is one of the traits folks with ADHD struggle with most.   His is a tribe of “Slackers.”   Understand, however, he uses that as a term of almost endearment…you see, he’s the Head Slacker. […]

Quieting ADHD Anxiety

ADHD Anxiety

Jennie works with a listener to show how you can manage your emotional overwhelm by quieting ADHD anxiety.   In a Tuesday 10-Minute Tip, loyal listener Steve calls in with a question.   With ADHD there it can be difficult to regulate emotions as much as it’s hard to regulate attention.   Both are executive […]

The Joy of Helping Others Who Also Live With ADHD Everyday

ADHD Everyday

Dr. Joy Prescesky shares with us the joy of helping others who also live with ADHD everyday, just like her.   She left a successful career as a vet to stay at home with her kids, affording her the opportunity to go back to school and become an ADHD coach.   You see, one of the benefits of her job is […]

5 Truths About ADHD’s Emotional Storms

ADHD's Emotional Storms

ENCORE EPISODE ADHD’s emotional storms are one of the lesser known aspects of ADHD dealing with emotions and emotional regulation.   First of all, with ADHD comes intensity of emotions. Also, living with the stress that having intense emotional deregulation has on you is a life-long proposition.   Ironically, emotional regulation is the one aspect that, […]

Eating Healthy When You Have ADHD

Eating Healthy

ENCORE EPISODE I coach a lot of people around their health. How to set up exercise routines is one thing but eating healthy when you have ADHD is another, with its own unique challenges.   In this episode, Lisa Feinberg, a Registered Nurse and ADHD Coach, shares with me some of her tips and tricks. […]

ADHD Distraction Versus Derailment with The ADD Couple

Distraction versus Derailment

What is the difference between ADHD distraction versus derailment? Upon first blush, they may seem like the same thing.   Listen, as my partner in crime, Brett Thornhill, and I talk it out on The ADD Couple podcast. Check us out on iTunes!   He joins me in discussing everything through the ADHD lens on that show. […]

Bashing Barriers Associated With ADHD and Other Learning Challenges

Barriers Associated With ADHD

Brian King is master of bashing barriers associated with ADHD and other learning challenges as an international speaker, social worker and success coach.   He, himself, has both physical and mental barriers he’s had to learn to work around. So, he can relate to almost any challenge.   One of his biggest lessons has been […]

ADHD and Asperger’s: The Best of Both Worlds

ADHD and Asperger's

Who better to help folks with ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome than someone who lives with both?   Alina Kislenko, of ADHD Interrupted, joins me today to talk about the, what she calls, “side affects” of living with a brain like hers.   She coaches groups, parents, and individuals as well as hosts a talk radio […]

How You Manage the ADHD Ability Gap

The ADHD Ability Gap

Here to explain the ADHD ability gap is Andrew Akre. Diagnosed in grade school, his experience offers him a unique view, which he uses to help his ADHD clients. As an ADHD Coach, he knows the difference between the pitfalls that come from unmanaged ADHD verses the successful outcomes that are possible through treatment.   […]

Creating Side Income, Inspiring a Balanced ADHD Life

Creating Side Income, Inspiring a Balanced ADHD Life

Join in this fun Friday episode with my first Flashback Guest. As one of my very first guests almost 4 months ago, he now returns for episode 85 to talk about creating side income!   Introducing, Daniel Eric Bowling. Upholsterer by trade. ADHD creative by nature. Inspiring happiness.   Only now, he’s coaching others on how to do […]