The ADHD Nerd Gives Away 29 Tips

The ADHD Nerd joins me today to discuss his 29 ADHD Ways to Prepare (and Survive) the Holidays.   Meet Ryan McRae, The ADHD Nerd.   He’s the creator of The ADHD NERD, a blog dedicated to helping people be more productive, successful and happy especially if they have ADHD. He is the author of […]

The Shameful Secret of A Slob

Shameful Secret

What could be the shameful secret of a slob?   Ask my guest today, Dana K White, creator of the successful blog, A Slob Comes Clean | Reality Based Cleaning & Organizing.   She’s also author of a new book, How to Manage Your Home Without Loosing Your Mind,   As a result of using a pen name during […]

A Man of Distraction – ADHD Superhero with Pen in Hand

ADHD Superhero

Listen, as Kelly Babcock shares his story of ADHD diagnosis and how he came to be known as A Man of Distraction, an awesome ADHD Superhero name, don’t you think?   As a singer songwriter, writer of music and poetry, Kelly shares his creative talents with the world.   He also has two columns with […]

ADHD Strategies Can Make Life Better

ADHD Strategies

“ADHD strategies can make life better,” says Doug Puryear, author of Your Life Can Be Better Using Strategies for Adult ADD/ADHD.   Doug is a psychiatrist who diagnosed himself with ADHD at age 64.   He’s also a loving husband, father, and grandfather who loves to write. Be sure and check out his blog, ADDadultstrategies […]

Q&A with Podcaster and ADHD Blogger, Tom Nardone

ADHD Blogger

ADHD blogger and podcaster, Tom Nardone, with his wife, Yvonne, are some of my favorite people. Checkout their podcast, The Tom Nardone Show.   I’ve had Tom and his wife on before, see episode 90.   And, in my 100th episode, he came on as my first guest. He’s responsible for the amazing opening soundtrack that […]

Teaching With ADHD in Mind, Artist + Teacher

Teaching With ADHD in Mind

Who is better at teaching folks with ADHD than someone who has it herself?   Aerie North began by teaching children but now successfully teaches art online to both, kids and adults. And, she’s teaching with ADHD in mind.   She encourages everyone, even her own children, to use their creativity, whether they feel artistic or not. […]

ADHD is Different For Women

ADHD is Different For Women

Sarah Castañeda is a journalist turned online marketer/blogger. But it wasn’t until her diagnosis, in 2013, when her writing and passion became one. Now she writes to inform and create awareness of ADHD, more specifically, how ADHD is different for women.   I encourage you to check her blog, Adulting with ADHD. You can also reach out […]

Tapped Into ADHD, Dyslexia & Sleep

ADHD, Dyslexia & Sleep

Listen in, as Jacqueline Sinfield, of Untapped Brilliance, shares her adventures which led her to becoming an ADHD Coach and what she’s discovered about managing ADHD, dyslexia and sleep along the way. She is so brilliant I know you’ll get something to think about out of our discussion.   2016 is shaping up to be […]

How to Tune In to Your Own ADHD

How to Tune In to Your Own ADHD

Have you noticed most blogs are just lists, like 3 Ways to Do This and 5 More Ways to Do That? This is an episode about a different sort of blog but if you scroll down I’ve listed 4 techniques my guest today uses to calm himself down when he gets angry. Listen in as […]

Parenting & Positivity with ADHD


Liz Lewis has a lot to offer as a mentor…she’s a teacher, freelance writer, Mom, wife, has ADHD, and is busy creating a lifestyle brand for others like her!   Her message is one of positivity about being a parent, having ADHD, and shedding the stigma that she felt as a child having to go […]