ADHD Misunderstood: Scott Latty’s Big Idea

ADHD Misunderstood

Scott Latty knows that ADHD is misunderstood. He’s out to change that. As he and I discuss, sometimes you do have to help yourself first in order to help others, but sometimes in helping others, you end up helping yourself.   In this episode, Scott shares details that are all too familiar for folks with […]

The Double Side of the ADHD Coin

The Double Side of the ADHD Coin

ADHD can be so confounding because it’s not just about attention or deficit or disorder. It can seem like the double side of a coin, with one side being the worst of some aspect and the other side, the very best aspect of that same quality. It can mystify and have events seem serendiptitious.   There […]

ADHD is Different For Women

ADHD is Different For Women

Sarah Castañeda is a journalist turned online marketer/blogger. But it wasn’t until her diagnosis, in 2013, when her writing and passion became one. Now she writes to inform and create awareness of ADHD, more specifically, how ADHD is different for women.   I encourage you to check her blog, Adulting with ADHD. You can also reach out […]

The Process to ADHD Awareness Month

The Process to ADHD

There’s a process to ADHD Awareness Month. There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to ADHD. First, there is the issue of getting a diagnosis. Then there’s the issue of treatment. Next, are the feelings associated with these steps as well as life after diagnosis.   Often, there can be feelings of anger or […]

How to Ramp Up Your Social I.Q. When You Have ADHD

Social Intelligence is the measure of how well you get along with others, right? After some research, I discovered it’s more than just that. It involves both self and social awareness, which can be challenging for folks with ADHD. Introspection and awareness of subtle social cues takes a level of mindfulness that people with ADHD must […]