Combining Distraction with Love

Combining Distraction

Kelly Babcock lives as he writes, combining distraction with love in real life as well as his Psych Central columns, A Man of Distraction and Today I Love.   Listen, as we talk about his life, his work and his music.   He has two columns with Psych Central: A Man of Distraction and Today […]

How to Create a Calm Stress Free ADHD Family

Stress-Free ADHD Family

How to create a stress free ADHD family can seem elusive at times. Listen and learn how it’s possible.   But Madeleine Davis has created a system and structure so even the most chaotic homes can create calm.   Her goal is to help parents take control of the household and raise happy kids.   See below […]

Bad Habits & Boredom With The ADD Couple

Bad Habits & Boredom With The ADD Couple

Presented for your listening pleasure: an episode of another podcast that I do twice a week called The ADD Couple, with my friend and fellow ADHD Coach, Brett Thornhill.   He and I discuss everything and I mean everything. (Mostly because he is verbose and I’m loquacious, LOL)  But we always cover the broad range of topics […]

Attention, Interest, and Influence

Did you know there’s a connection between what interests you versus what captures your attention and whether or not you will become influenced by interest or influence via attention? I know it seems like a tongue twister but stay with me. When you become interested in something it can lead to fulfillment and then, through […]

Enhance Attention by Thinking Ahead

At times, we all struggle to keep our mind on the task at hand. What is it that gets in your way of paying attention? Are you hungry? Did you get enough sleep? Are you feeling drained mentally or emotionally? Perhaps, it’s not because of your physical state that you’re inattentive but because of the […]

Let Your Intention Help Focus Your Attention

Don’t believe it? I’ve had clients tell me that it doesn’t necessarily matter what they intend to do on any given day, sometimes their attention gets focused on something else, and the day is wasted doing other random things. It’s almost always too late before they even realize. What does that say? You could conclude […]

Discover What’s Interesting About Attention in ADHD

One thing most people with ADHD can agree upon is that ADHD is not so much about not paying enough attention to something but rather too much attention…to everything! Why is that? Well, for starters, our environment is rarely stimuli-free. As I sit here and write, I feel like I’m in a vacuum with only […]

With ADHD, Clarity May Seem Elusive

clarity [klar-i-tee] Spell Syllables noun 1. Clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity. (   Having a set, clear, focus about what we’re doing isn’t as easy as it sounds. Why? There can be several reasons. Life gets in the way. Our other responsibilities can take over. We don’t know […]


Individuals with ADHD do have a noticeably different way of attending than do people who are neurotypical. I guess, to some who do not understand ADHD, it may seem that the inattentive type, especially, “loses” attention. But if you really take a moment and pay attention to the person with ADHD, they haven’t actually shut […]