How Acceptance of Your ADHD is Connected to Your Self-Esteem

ADHD Acceptance Connection

She had tried listening to ADHD podcasts but all she heard was what was wrong with her. What she couldn’t do. What she wasn’t doing. What all she was doing was wrong and then that name again…with words like deficit and disorder. Her self image was already pretty negative and she felt that what all […]

Advocate Strong

Advocate Strong

Personifying “Advocate Strong”, Charlene Long is the loving force behind Autism as a Whole. She joins me in this episode to talk about how many of the spectrum conditions like ADHD…like Autism, usually come with co-existing conditions. And, it is, as a whole, a person, a family, and a community are affected.   In her […]

ADHD Smart

ADHD Smart

Julie Casali is one smart cookie. She’s meshed her love for psychology with her own life’s experiences and created ADHD Smarties: a blog, a podcast, a website, all in one.   She knows, first hand, the impact that challenges from ADHD can have on your life. She’s developed a system though, that helps her. Try […]

ADHD is a State of Mind

ADHD State of Mind

Actor and producer, Geoff Pilkington, has come into his own rather recently while living out his dreams, LA style. He sees ADHD as a state of mind and wants others to focus on the positives. Listen in, as he shares his story from ADHD diagnosis to awareness to advocacy.   Originally from Missouri, he moved […]

ADHD is Not a Destination

Not a Destination

Have you ever met someone who is on their journey and when they share their story you feel honored to have heard it? My guest today is sharing her story in hopes that others like her will know they are not alone.   Meet Tené Dowling. Originally from Bermuda, she now lives in the UK, but she’s been […]