5 Things You’ll Never Understand About ADHD Unless You Have It

5 Things You’ll Never Understand About ADHD (Unless You Have It)

You’ll Never Understand Our friend Shawn has some things he’d like to explain to those of you who don’t have ADHD. But as he says, if you don’t have it, you’ll never understand. “So why …

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Struggling with Fatherhood

ADHD and Wrestling with Fatherhood

Wrestling with fatherhood? Often, men don’t know what their love and passion for their kids should look like. Matt Woodrum wants to help with that. After a challenging early beginning in life, Matt was adopted …

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First Realization

Something’s Wrong

First Realization I wonder sometimes, when was my first realization there was something wrong with me? Could it have been when I was 6 or 7 and my parents brought me to that weird doctor’s …

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ADHD Everyday

The Joy of Helping Others Who Also Live With ADHD Everyday

Dr. Joy Prescesky shares with us the joy of helping others who also live with ADHD everyday, just like her.   She left a successful career as a vet to stay at home with her kids, affording her …

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Shameful Secret

How Wonderful is Living Life Aware in ADD Land?

Guess how wonderful it is living life aware in ADD Land? Don’t believe me?   Meet ADHD expert, Justine Ruotolo, on the show today! She’s 23 years in as an ADHD Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. …

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Treated Versus Untreated ADHD

Treated Versus Untreated ADHD, See the Difference

Day 7…and we’re talking about how ADHD medication can help you see the difference between treated versus untreated ADHD.   Kristen joins me today to share her journey of self discovery and she has yet …

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Rene with Kaleidoscope Society

ADHD Medication and the Info Doctors Don’t Share

Did you know that there’s some info doctors don’t share when prescribing ADHD medication? If they did, a lot of mistakes could be lessened or, in some cases, altogether prevented.   In our discussion, René …

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