International Fathers Mental Health Day Includes ADHD

Fathers Mental Health

Welcome, Mark Williams, founder International Fathers Mental Health Day. #INTFatherMHDay #dadsmhday Listen, as he details his path to its creation. And, while this is the official day’s second year, Mark has been on my show before! Please listen to his previous episode here. Today, he delves into his story deeper, sharing details of the darker […]

Growing Up as the Non-ADHD Kid

Non-ADHD Kid

“Growing up as the non-ADHD kid in a family with ADHD sounds like a challenge. It was, but not for the reasons you’d think.”   Below, is an excerpt from an article published in ADDitude Magazine where this non-ADHD kid has contributed a couple of pieces over the past couple of years.   (actual picture […]

Introducing a Solution to ADHD Family Management

ADHD Family Management

Is there a single solution to ADHD family management? After all, the problems are vary and are complex. Listen today, as we discuss a new one, ‘I Got This’.   There’s a lot to organize within a family as well as for a parent or a child.   There’s school, work, activities, parties, vacations and of […]

Credit Goes to ADHD

The Credit Goes to ADHD

Listen in, as Dan Galloway, and I, co-create my first backwards-style interview! Okay, so I introduce him at the end of the show, perhaps the credit goes to ADHD!   Dan wants folks to understand that ADHD “isn’t all bad.” He’s a professional speaker who usually talks about topics like perseverance and career transitions, but […]

The Undiagnosed ADHD Child: Reflections From Forty Years Later

Undiagnosed ADHD Child

ENCORE EPISODE Mark Williams was the undiagnosed ADHD child growing up. He didn’t really believe he was “thick and stupid” as he was called. But his anxiety and dyslexia looked like emotional and learning problems making childhood difficult. School and later, employment, didn’t come easy. Fortunately, he eventually married the love of his life and together they had a […]

4 Non-Medication Strategies For a Happier Life With ADHD

4 Non-Medication Strategies For a Happier Life With ADHD

Not everyone manages ADHD with medication. Here are 4 non-medication strategies for living a happier life with ADHD.   As a stay-at-home father who also works from home, Jordan didn’t have a lot of opportunities to connect with dads like him, so he created his Twitter page in hope of doing just that.   Jordan’s […]