More About ADHD Emotional Overwhelm and Anxiety

ADHD Emotional Overwhelm

Join in the continued discussion about ADHD emotional overwhelm and anxiety with James Ochoa, author of the book, Focused Forward.   This encore episode revisits the conversation we started last Friday.   So, whether you are trying to manage getting through your day or off discovering shiny new things, understanding the overwhelm and anxiety can help. […]

Body Doubling Helps with ADHD Procrastination

Body Doubling

Body doubling helps with ADHD procrastination. Just listen how on the The ADD Couple podcast with Brett Thornhill and myself.   It’s a tried and true technique we each use in coaching.   I’m sharing episode 45 today so you can hear for yourself how much info we cover We air new episodes twice a […]

The ADD Couple Discuss ADHD Emotional Complexities

ADHD Emotional Complexities

Listen, as The ADD Couple, Brett Thornhill and I, discuss ADHD emotional complexities.   It’s not our first time, but it can’t be talked about enough.   I’m sharing our episode here so you can hear for yourself how much info we cover on our podcast. We air new episodes twice a week!   I hope […]

The Joy of Helping Others Who Also Live With ADHD Everyday

ADHD Everyday

Dr. Joy Prescesky shares with us the joy of helping others who also live with ADHD everyday, just like her.   She left a successful career as a vet to stay at home with her kids, affording her the opportunity to go back to school and become an ADHD coach.   You see, one of the benefits of her job is […]

How Wonderful is Living Life Aware in ADD Land?

Shameful Secret

Guess how wonderful it is living life aware in ADD Land? Don’t believe me?   Meet ADHD expert, Justine Ruotolo, on the show today! She’s 23 years in as an ADHD Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.   She’s also the host of her own podcast, The Miss ADD Show, available on iTunes, Stitcher, and BlogTalkRadio.   […]

ADHD Emotional Regulation with The ADD Couple

ADHD Emotional Regulation

Listen, as The ADD Couple get into the topic of ADHD emotional regulation.   Brett Thornhill and I discuss Dr William Dodson’s Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria in detail. After all, wouldn’t we all like to understand the emotional realm of ADHD better?   I’m sharing our episode here so you can hear for yourself how much info […]

How Productive Avoidance Works

Productive Avoidance

How productive avoidance works is by considering how to make use of down time. It’s all a judgement call on your part; what should be done versus what will get done.   My partner in crime, Brett Thornhill, is my cohost on The ADD Couple. Check us out on iTunes!   He joins me in discussing […]

4 ADHD-Friendly Helpful Tips with Dieting, Planning, and More!

How would you like 4 ADHD-friendly helpful tips with dieting, planning, and more? That’s what’s on today’s agenda with my guest Lisa Feinberg.   As a registered RN, and half way through the process to becoming a credentialed ADHD coach, Lisa shares some practical advice about dieting and planning that is ADHD friendly. Yes, she […]

Bad Habits & Boredom With The ADD Couple

Bad Habits & Boredom With The ADD Couple

Presented for your listening pleasure: an episode of another podcast that I do twice a week called The ADD Couple, with my friend and fellow ADHD Coach, Brett Thornhill.   He and I discuss everything and I mean everything. (Mostly because he is verbose and I’m loquacious, LOL)  But we always cover the broad range of topics […]

Getting the Diagnosis of Adult ADHD Later in Life

Adult ADHD Diagnosis Later in Life

Sometimes you get the diagnosis of adult ADHD later in life rather than as a child. So, imagine what a surprise it is when you are told you have what you think of as a hyper-little-boy thing, and you’re a woman approaching 50.   Well, it may have initially been a surprise, but it ended […]