ADHD Emotional Distress

Crack the Code on the ADHD Emotional Distress Syndrome

Crack the code on the ADHD Emotional Distress Syndrome by applying science to ADHD emotional management. Join me today with author James Ochoa, LPC and Liz Lewis of A Dose of Healthy Distraction. We talk …

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No Attention

The ‘Pay No Attention’ Solution for Attention Deficit Disorder

Have you ever heard of the ‘Pay No Attention’ solution for Attention Deficit Disorder? Recently, a girlfriend who found it helpful, reminded me of it. I’d like to share the story in hopes of helping …

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ADHD Christmas Special

Kelly’s ADHD Christmas Special – Celebrating Suess Style

“The following ADHD Christmas Special was originally published in the blog, Man of DistrAction on Psych Central on December 28th, 2012, under the name “The ADHD Holiday Special – with sincere apologies to Dr. Seuss” …

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I Have ADHD, There It Is

I Have ADHD, There It Is

Hi. My name is Andrew, and I have ADHD. It’s not something I’ve always been comfortable saying nor always been willing to admit. But there it is. I’d like to take you on the journey …

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If I Could

If I Could Help It …

We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced those people who feel that the cure for ADHD (and many other cognitive and mental health issues) is “Just don’t be that way!” And while those people are …

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ADHD Anxieties

Are You Anxious About Your ADHD Anxieties?

Are you anxious about your ADHD anxieties? If so, you are not alone. Listen as Dr Doug Puryear joins me to discuss anxiety and what to do about it. Doug is a psychiatrist who diagnosed …

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Internal Dialogue

Shake Hands With Internal Dialogue

I have to admit … there are times when racing thoughts and internal dialogue have been so loud that they could have been voices in my head. Over the weekend I watched “The Devil’s Candy” …

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Sibling Rivalry

How Do You Deal with Sibling Rivalry?

Sibling Rivalry I am no parenting expert. I operate on instinct only. In these posts I’m sharing what I’ve learned from my own experiences but am always open to friendly advice from others, because dealing …

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First Realization

Something’s Wrong

First Realization I wonder sometimes, when was my first realization there was something wrong with me? Could it have been when I was 6 or 7 and my parents brought me to that weird doctor’s …

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An ADHD Mom’s Dirty Homework Secret

Homework Continuing on from my last post, being an ADHD mum with an ADHD child, I want to say that homework seems to be my biggest parenting grey area. The word homework makes me want …

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