The Darker Side of ADHD with A Man of Distraction

Darker Side

Kelly Babcock, Psych Central’s Man of Distraction, shares the darker side of ADHD including the need for instant gratification and poor decision making.   He explains that before he was diagnosed in his 50’s, he always thought he was more a victim of circumstance figuring that sooner or later his luck had to change.   […]

Ranting About ADHD Ignorance When No One Is Listening

ADHD Ignorance

Ranting about ADHD ignorance when no one is listening is exactly what Andrea Bell does to blow off steam when dealing with her local school system.   Unfortunately, they are ill-informed about the condition and how best to help her child.   Listen, as she shares how her children are the ones who urged her […]

The Joy of Helping Others Who Also Live With ADHD Everyday

ADHD Everyday

Dr. Joy Prescesky shares with us the joy of helping others who also live with ADHD everyday, just like her.   She left a successful career as a vet to stay at home with her kids, affording her the opportunity to go back to school and become an ADHD coach.   You see, one of the benefits of her job is […]

Treated Versus Untreated ADHD, See the Difference

Treated Versus Untreated ADHD

Day 7…and we’re talking about how ADHD medication can help you see the difference between treated versus untreated ADHD.   Kristen joins me today to share her journey of self discovery and she has yet to go through the complete diagnosis process.   In this episode, listen to how positively she has responded to ADHD […]

ADHD Ten Minute Tip: ADHD Emotions Question

ADHD Emotions Question

Today’s ADHD emotions question: “Why is it so hard for people with ADHD to control their emotions?” asks Steve, a loyal listener.   Enjoy another 10 Minute Tip with me, Jennie Friedman, ACG. I’m an ADHD Coach and host of See in ADHD talk radio.   Steve shares his experience of being overwhelmed, flooded with emotion, at […]

Love, Marriage & ADHD Awareness

Love, Marriage, and ADHD Awareness

Welcome to this Flashback Friday episode talking about marriage & ADHD Awareness. Please join me with Tom and Yvonne of The Tom Nardone Show podcast. Theirs is a marriage made in heaven and honestly, they are some of my favorite people.   In this episode, we talk about hair, bras, dieting, garbage, cleaning…I think Tom […]

ADHD Misunderstood: Scott Latty’s Big Idea

ADHD Misunderstood

Scott Latty knows that ADHD is misunderstood. He’s out to change that. As he and I discuss, sometimes you do have to help yourself first in order to help others, but sometimes in helping others, you end up helping yourself.   In this episode, Scott shares details that are all too familiar for folks with […]

The Game-changer: Sports and ADHD

The Game-changer: Sports

The game-changer: sports. My guest today: Tom Morgan. Listen in, as he shares insights on life with ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome, and Tourette Syndrome.   Tom begins with stories of his childhood, recounting how his family and school life was pretty rough. Due to the fact that no one understood him, they labeled him a naughty […]

ADHD Flash Guests With Spontaneity

ADHD Flash Guests With Spontaneity

Sometimes spontaneity is fun. Don’t believe me? Listen in to today’s episode and see for yourself.   Things didn’t really go as expected for me today, so I created a plan B.   It started when I posted this on Facebook: “If you are reading this right now, would you like to come on the […]

The Double Side of the ADHD Coin

The Double Side of the ADHD Coin

ADHD can be so confounding because it’s not just about attention or deficit or disorder. It can seem like the double side of a coin, with one side being the worst of some aspect and the other side, the very best aspect of that same quality. It can mystify and have events seem serendiptitious.   There […]