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3 Tips on How to Have Summertime Success With Complex Kids

How do you define summertime success? When the kids (and/or you) have ADHD, summertime can be a double edge sword. On one hand, the stress of school is over and with that comes a welcome opportunity to exhale.
On the other hand, the structurelessness of summer can also mean that the kids are home, bored, and looking for entertainment (often too much video game time).
Elaine and Diane’s Awesome Quote:

Summertime Success
“Summer was the opportunity for them to learn because they are quintessentially experiential learners.”




 Summertime Success

Diane Dempster and Elaine Taylor-Klaus join me in this episode to explore how to have summertime success with your complex kids. They share with me the three tips below, but you can access more, for free, by clicking on the image below to receive your Parent’s Guide to Motivation. I did get them to share one of the 10 on the show! But no spoiler alerts here, you’ll have to listen in to our conversation and hear it for yourself. Plus, these two have so much expertise to share, I know you’ll have many take aways, I sure did.
Here are 3 tips on how to have summertime success with your kids with ADHD. Listen for details on each:

  1. 1) Spend time, in some way, exploring the world with your kids
  2. 2) Set some intention
  3. 3) Communicate with your child

Summertime Success

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