Struggle in Silence

You Don’t Have to Struggle in Silence With ADHD

You don’t have to struggle in silence with ADHD, especially once it’s finally diagnosed.
In Carina Taveras’ case, it wasn’t until she was diagnosed with ADHD, a second time, before realizing that there are many resources available for things that didn’t come easily to her.
A recent graduate, receiving her associate’s degree, Carina is spending time this summer helping others who are just like her.
Carina’s Awesome Quote:

Struggle in Silence
“We mentor the kids on accommodations,
allies, empathy, self-advocacy, and
how to improve accommodations.”


Struggle in Silence

Carina’s assumption was that she would always have to struggle in silence. She was born with epilepsy and ADHD, but did not get treatment for ADHD until she was in college.
She shares with us her lifelong assumption that it was her bad habits preventing success. She had no idea that she was experiencing symptoms from ADHD.
Upon learning how to advocate for herself, she took an opportunity this summer to help mentor younger kids how to do the same for themselves at Camp Eye-to-Eye.

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Struggle in Silence
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Struggle in Silence

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