4 Special Worries of a Special Dad

Having a special-needs kid makes you a special dad and also, as in my guests’s case, Superdad. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t worry. In fact, I’d say he also has special worries. Listen to today’s episode, there are more than just four concerns worrying my guest.
Father’s Day is this weekend and in the past I have done extensive writing about my own dad. He was after all, my superhero, in many ways. As we take to celebrating father’s of all types these next few days, I thought it’d be great to hear from a dad of a young girl with special needs.

Please join me in visiting the page he posted on Twitter about a story weighing on Lance’s conscience, you see, his daughter too, has the diagnosis of Autism.
You can also reach out to him on Twitter
Lance’s Awesome Quote:

“She can be the best friend that your kid could ever
have, but if your kid doesn’t give her a chance
then there’s no chance of that happening.”





Worries for Special Dads

Lance Becvar is a special dad. In this episode he shares his greatest concerns for his girl, which include abuse and abduction…well, watch the news and you see why. That’s some pretty heavy stuff at times. But equally concerning for him right now is thinking about his daughter, her friendships, and birthday parties.
Here are four concerns that Lance and I share while discussing kids with neurobiological differences and their challenges:

1) bullying
2) low self-esteem
3) suicide
4) trouble making friends
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~ Jennie


Lance’s Website:


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