ADHD Smart

ADHD Smart

Julie Casali is one smart cookie. She’s meshed her love for psychology with her own life’s experiences and created ADHD Smarties: a blog, a podcast, a website, all in one.
She knows, first hand, the impact that challenges from ADHD can have on your life. She’s developed a system though, that helps her. Try anything at least once.
Listen, as she shares what she’s learned and how she wants to help other women like her, who are smart with ADHD.
Julie’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Smart
“Your most powerful
advocate is you.”


ADHD Smart

Julie feels that when she learned to focus on her strengths, well…not just focus, but obsess on her strengths, that’s when she started to thrive.
In this episode Julie details how she discovered connections to the ADHD Community, what she recommends doing to relax, and what happens after she binge-watches Netflix.
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~ Jennie


Resources Mentioned:
ADHD Smarties (Julie’s blog, podcast and website)
Kaleidoscope Society
Julie’s Social:           Twitter           Instagram
Dr. Dodson / Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

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  1. Loved this! I am fortunate to know Julie personally, and yes, she IS “like a rock star” and she IS brilliant! Thank you for sharing Julie with so many people in such an insightful and informative interview!

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