As Singles Struggle With ADHD

As Singles Struggle With ADHD


Jeremy Michael, a single, sexy firefighter, talks about how singles struggle and the support group he’s created for them (and himself) on Facebook, ADHD Singles.

He’s looking for others to share the trials and tribulations of dating with ADHD.
5 Dating Challenges When You're Single With ADHD


Jeremy is doing his best to enjoy being single…and he enjoys dating…but there are some challenges that just come up when ADHD is involved.
Diagnosed as an adult. Jeremy can now look back on previous relationships that didn’t work out and see how ADHD affected them.
Older and wiser now…he’s sharing what he’s gone through.
Jeremy’s Awesome Quote:

The Singles' Struggle of ADHD
“Where do you tell them that
you have ADHD, like …
where does that come up?”


Singles Struggle

Being single isn’t always easy but when you have ADHD, there are a few things that can make dating more difficult.
Jeremy gives us his top 5 struggles he’s dealing with in the dating arena.
Struggles when you’re single with ADHD:

    1. 1) Time
    2. 2) Focus
    3. 3) Memory
    4. 4) Social Cues
    5. 5) Disclosure

Listen in, Jeremy and I talk about how these five areas of challenge come up while dating.
We also discuss the honeymoon phase of relationships, and how when that hyperfocus on the other person wears off, if not prepared, can do some heavy damage to any relationship.
~ Jennie

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