Ride the ADHD Coaster

Ride the ADHD Coaster Without Getting Whiplash

If you’ve experienced some struggles in your relationships due to ADHD symptoms, you aren’t alone. Gina Pera has become somewhat of an Accidental ADHD Expert, after years of research and investigation into how to help her husband with ADHD and their marriage.
She discovered how to ride the ADHD coaster without getting whiplash and has devoted her time and energy to helping others who are on the same ride. You can read her story in detail on her blog site, ADHD Roller Coaster with Gina Pera.
Gina shines a light on the facts about ADHD as well as false or misleading information.
In this episode, she and I talk about some of the problems that people face when they try and figure things out on their own. With still many health care professionals and institutions who haven’t been properly educated, finding someone with whom to entrust your care can seem daunting.
Self-advocacy is still the recommended course of action as you gather information that will help you with your specific struggles.
Gina’s Awesome Quote:

Ride the ADHD Coaster
“Don’t look for global help
for ADHD…figure out
what are your challenges.”


Ride the ADHD Coaster

Gina runs several public support groups you can check out:

Two are face-to-face groups in Silicon Valley and one online group:
1. Palo Alto: A discussion group for adults with ADHD (sign up to be notified of meetings)
2. Palo Alto: A discussion group for partners of adults with ADHD (parents and siblings of these adults are welcome, too) (sign up to be notified of meetings)
3. Internationally: An online support group for the partners of adults with ADHD
This is a Yahoogroups format, based on e-mail exchange within the group. It is not a chat room. In other words, it conforms to your schedule; send and e-mail and go about your business. Come back and read responses.


Gina has also written two books:
Is it You, Me or Adult ADD?     Adult ADHD-Focused Couple Therapy:
                                                        Clinical Interventions
Ride the ADHD CoasterRide the ADHD Coaster

Ride the ADHD Coaster










Her latest work, Adult ADHD-Focused Couple Therapy: Clinical Interventions, is more than just a book. It comes as an opportunity for Master’s level family & couples counselors to get the education they need to best work with couples when ADHD is involved.


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Ride the ADHD Coaster




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