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ADHD Coaching Group / Reach Furthur


Reach Furthur Membership Benefits:

1) private access to each other and me in the secret FB group
2) access to Monday’s 7:00pm EST Motivation & Accountability group (you and me would meet earlier)
3) access to body double sessions (times vary each wk)
4) office hours (posted in the group)
5) 20% off all of my coaching rates

Check it out for yourself, your first month is on me, meaning January.


If you like it, then your first Paypal invoice of $29 will be sent to you on Feb 1.

If you decide not to stay, no worries, I’m sure you will have at least picked up some new and useful info.

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  1. I cannot say enough good things about Jennie and her Reach Furthur Coaching Group. I am 38 years old and was diagnosed with ADHD about 6 years ago. Although I had received a diagnosis and finally put together the pieces of why life had been a struggle in so many ways; I didn’t actually do anything to try to improve my life until this past year. I finally go fed up with all of the ways that I was sabotaging my life and my career, and I decided it was time to learn all that I could about ADHD. I started reading books and blogs, listening to podcasts and started seeing a therapist who specialized in ADHD. During this period of discovery I found Jennie on her See In ADHD podcast. I jumped in right at the time that she committed to new episodes five days a week. So, I got to hear a lot of Jennie very quickly. There was something different about her podcast. Unlike other folks, she wasn’t trying to push people to one way of dealing with ADHD. Some folks preach all natural approaches, some push medication, but Jennie was different. She opened a space for real people to share their experiences and their stories. While she knows her stuff and makes sure to state facts and not allow opinions to be presented as facts; she does not insist that her way of thinking is the only one. When I started to think that I might need a coach to make the next steps in my life that books, podcasts and therapy weren’t providing, I knew that I would need a coach like Jennie. Unfortunately, my budget would not allow me to pay for a coach with the experience, knowledge and effectiveness that Jennie brings to the table.
    I can still remember the first time I heard Jennie announce on her podcast that she would be hosting a coaching group at a very affordable monthly rate and that the first month would be free. I immediately said, “I’m in.” It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I participated in the Reach Furthur Coaching Group for 5 months. After I first joined, I did what I so often do. I stepped back, stopped participating and fell into my shame bubble. Jennie reached out to me without judgement and invited me to continue forward and make the group whatever I needed it to be. She didn’t push, and she convinced me that this is a shame free zone. When I started in the group, I was going through a very difficult time. Life was filled with many stressors. I was struggling professionally, financially and relationally; and I was putting off taking the steps I needed to deal with any of it. The Reach Furthur group provided a weekly accountability check in with other people who understood the difficulties I faced and the overwhelm I felt. Jennie taught us productivity techniques, ways to deal with the emotional roller coaster of ADHD and provided space to talk through our current struggles. More than anything else, however, Jennie honored each one of us for the uniquely gifted individual that she saw us to be. She wasn’t just being nice. Jennie truly sees the good and the gifts in each person and provides the tools and the encouragement to unlock that potential.
    During my time in Reach Furthur, Jennie (and the folks in the group with me) helped me to move through a very hard time, grieve the loss of the life that could have been if I had been diagnosed at an early age and make the transition to taking medication. I have grown more in the past year than perhaps any other time in my life. Even when my schedule became too busy to participate in the group as much as I wanted to, Jennie checked in with me and kept me moving along. She held me accountable to the things I wanted to be held accountable to, called me on my excuses and bs when necessary and served as a consistent reminder that there is at least one person in the world who believes that I can be the person that I hope to be. I would still be in the Reach Furthur group today, but it was too helpful. Jennie helped me to take steps towards goals that I didn’t think I could achieve. I was able to Reach Furthur and fill my schedule with activities that would help me to reach my goals. Jennie’s coaching helped me to move to the next season of my life when I don’t need coaching in the way that I did when I started in the group. Even as I started feeling the shame that I usually feel when I move on from something, Jennie celebrated my accomplishments and assured me that there was no reason to feel ashamed. She coached me further even as I was preparing to move on. I am so thankful for the time that I had in the Reach Furthur group, and I am thankful to know that Jennie will be a friend moving forward. If you are considering joining Reach Furthur, please don’t hesitate. You cannot get this quality of coaching and sincerity of caring for this price anywhere. I imagine that you actually will not be able to find this kind of quality and care with many full priced, one on one coaches. Jennie will not solve your problems or achieve your goals for you. However she will equip you with the tools, provide you the encouragement and challenge you to use your unique gifts and Reach Furthur to become the person you dream to be.
    Thank you, Jennie. I opened by saying that I could not say enough, and even after all of these words I have written I feel like I have not done justice to the impact that you have had on my life.

    Matt W-G

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